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Job details

Job details

Front-line operator

Discussed personally
Working place:
Yangzhong City, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province- -
Affiliate department:
Production department
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
No limit
Education background:
No limit
Release time:
2018/06/09 18:13
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Post description:

Junior high school or above (including junior high school), healthy, hardworking.


Salary treatment


1, engineer: face to face.

2, piecework system employees: the monthly average wage is 4500-6000 yuan.

3, timing employees: the average daily wage is 110 yuan -140 yuan / day;

4, the stop overhaul to do other workers and other subsidies 80 yuan / day.



Living facilities and welfare

1, pay five risks and one gold in full according to the state regulations;

2, the supply of hot water for 24 hours in the factory area;

3, have paid leave, such as marriage leave, maternity leave and statutory leave.

4, organize regular physical examination;

5, provide training and learning opportunities for development personnel regularly.

6. The Engineer provides a single dorm.


Registration site

With the relevant documents (the original identity card and the copy of the positive and negative sides, a copy of the diploma, five photos of the one inch red bottom photo, etc.) to Jiangsu front composite material science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu province Yangzhong City, new dam town Mount Huangshan Industrial Park) Office of the 4 floor.


Miss Qian 18005287098/0511-88427046


Zhao Zilin 18005287076/13861361333