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2018/06/04 09:26

The market of coated abrasives is very large in China, but it should be done and done. The 13th Five-Year plan suggests that precision polishing will be the leading direction in the future, although we don't have this ability at the moment, but we are doing this in this direction. Sand cloth and sandpaper products are not very strong, but they still do better in terms of environmental protection. One expert said: the most effective competition is to avoid competition. Now, 51 cloth and dry abrasive paper are still available, which may earn little or earn no money. In the next five years, the edge will gradually abandon these products which have no advantage. The edge has already signed technical cooperation with Japanese enterprises to do some products that some peers have not done or have not done yet. In the next three years, the front will invest more than two billions of products from foreign products production line, use Japanese advanced technology to enter the product field, avoid domestic market, and mainly participate in international competition.

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